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The Mosinee Sportsmen's Alliance provides in-person Hunter and Trapper Education to the community.  

Hunter Education

This program is typically offered at the Sportsmen's Alliance in September.  Those interested in participating should contact Mike Lane to be placed on a waitlist.

Students attend a multi-day, in-person course where students learn hunter responsibility and safety through lectures, demonstrations, group discussions, practical exercises, and individual study. The students take a multiple-choice exam and complete a hands-on, skills-based assessment based on information found in the printed student manual and taught during class. The student is awarded a hunter education safety certificate after completing all portions of the course.

Anyone born on or after Jan. 1, 1973, must complete a hunter education course and have a hunter education safety certificate on file to purchase any hunting license in Wisconsin. However, if

hunting under the hunting mentorship program or

have successfully completed and have proof of completing basic training in the U.S. Armed Forces, a hunter education safety certificate is not required to purchase a WI hunting license.

Trapper Education

If you wish to purchase a Wisconsin trapping license and trap in Wisconsin, you must first complete the Wisconsin trapper education course. Trapper education is serviced through the Wisconsin Cooperative Trapper Education Program (WCTEP).  Mosinee Sportsmen's Alliance offers in-person, hands-on Classes. 

Please contact Dave Schaetzl for more information.

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