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The Club is Now Open! Join us Tuesday's (5:30p-dark) & Thursday's (6p-dark) through June 6 for Open and Summer League Trap Shooting! Revised Summer Hours between June 6-September 2 (5:30p-dark)

Already have a team organized and form submitted?  

  • Summer trap League will run Thursday, May 4th to Thursday, August 17th 

  • FIVE (5) league shoots are required by June 1st (scores will be posted after this date)

  • Includes sixteen league rounds

  • Shoot-offs, Photos, & Awards will take place on Thursday, August 24th 

Interested in starting a team? Rosters and sponsorship fees are due June 1st! 

  • Team Sponsorship is $40, plus individual memberships

  • Teams consist of 5 shooters minimum, with up to 2 floaters (7 maximum shooters)

  • Download, print, and submit your sponsorship and team information to the club!

Youth Teams

  • Summer League is an excellent opportunity for our youth trap team members to continue shooting through fall.  Youth members are encouraged to form teams with parents and friends!  Youth shooters can use their last 5 league scores toward the summer league and will need to ensure they are shooting for league on June 8th.  You can shoot either Tuesday OR Thursday at your convenience and shoot ahead as far as you'd like.

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