Trap League

Welcome to the 2020 Season

The Club is Now Open Beginning Tuesday, May 5, 2020!

MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED: Join us Tuesdays and Thursdays after 5:30 PM for Open & League Trap Shooting
Please Help Us Keep the Club Open & Safe for All to Enjoy - Note COVID-19 Restrictions

Already have a team organized and form submitted?  

  • Trap League will run Thursday, May 28th to Thursday, August 27th 

  • Five (5) league shoots are required by June 25th

  • Two (2) shoots will be required the last two weeks of August as usual

  • The season will be shortened by two (2) weeks for 2020

Interested in starting a team? 

  • Team Sponsorship is $30, plus individual memberships

  • Teams consist of 5 shooters minimum, with up to 2 floaters (7 maximum shooters)

  • Download, print, and submit your sponsorship and team information to the club!